In our two decades of digitizing, we have been compared to many other digitizers for our policies and pricing. We never charge our clients by stitches; we believe that Digitizers are not machines and so why should we charge by stitches. Charging by stitches is rational for embroiderers as their machine will run and produce pattern by stitches. More the stitches, more time it will take for a machine to complete the job so they should get more money. But for digitizers it’s not always true.

Take a small example of two designs as shown below.

This is a simple 3.5”square with fill stitch this will have 16600 stitches and it takes just 5 mins to digitize this. If we charge by $5 per 1000 stitches, it comes to be $84, which according to us is VERY high, we won’t charge more than $25 for this square as that is what we have worked for. If anyone charges more than this price according to me that is cheating with their clients.



There is another design where we have small wording with outlines which is about 3.5” wide and have about  4K stitches and time taken was about 20 mins and if we charge by $5 per 1000 stitches, it comes to be $20 where as we would have charged about $30 for this as it takes more time and needs professionally qualified skills to have that perfect outcome.

We always charge our clients by the complexity in the design, so we always send the quotes to our clients before proceeding with the actual digitizing. Our pricing is very honest, we will charge our clients for the work we do for them. We always digitize the wording, we never use keyboard letterings. We always believe that the finest embroidery can be had only if we digitize the wording with our dexterity. We never use auto digitizing to create fast designs, we are bitten with passion for digitizing bug we love to create fine embroidery digitizing patterns. So our prices are very honest and affordable, you get what you pay for.

There are so many digitizing websites these days and all of them claim to be best, they even offer free designs and might be able to give one or two good designs also, but won’t last long. Most of these sites originate from country we all know is famous for counterfeit goods and piracy, so how can we expect the best from them. They always lack consistency in their quality and turnaround. Sometimes making them understand what you want is a big headache because of the language problem.

We don’t fall in the category of “cheap digitizers” we will offer our clients nothing less than fine quality designs. Often the so called “cheap digitizers” tend to use more stitches to make more money as they charge by stitches, so you end up paying more the what the design should be and your machine have to work more to produce that design. So in that case there is double loss. We will make sure that the design which we send is having apt number of stitches so that you get great design in least time.


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